PM Modi assures Centre’s full support to all states fight against COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured Centre’s full support to all the states in the fight against COVID-19. Interacting with Chief Ministers of 10 states and 1 Union Territory in a meeting to assess the COVID situation specially in areas reporting high number of COVID cases, Mr. Modi stressed that if all the states work together as one nation, there will not be any scarcity of resources.


The Prime Minister added that the Union Health Ministry is also in touch with the states and is monitoring the situation closely and issuing necessary advices to them from time to time.
On the issue of oxygen supply, Mr. Modi took note of the points raised by the states. He said, there is a continuous effort to increase its production and supply. He also highlighted that all the concerned departments and ministries of the government are working together to address the situation adding that the Industrial oxygen in the country has also been diverted to meet immediate requirements.

The Prime Minister also stressed on the need to scale up testing and continue with the vaccination drive amid the emerging situation. Highlighting few recent incidents of hospital mishaps, Mr. Modi urged for adherence to strict safety protocols. Addressing concerns of few participants, he asked the administration to continuously make people aware not to Indulge in panic buying.