PM Modi holds virtual summit with his Swedish counterpart Stefan Löfven

PM Modi  today said that India’s culture has always stressed importance on living in harmony with nature.  He said, the country is moving ahead on its  commitments made under the Paris Agreement. 

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Holding  a virtual summit with his Swedish counterpart Stefan Löfven this afternoon, Mr. Modi said, during COVID -19 pandemic, we realized the importance of cooperation at both regional and global level.  He added that India has provided medicines and other essentials to over 150 countries while the world was fighting the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said, till now, India has  delivered Made In India vaccines to nearly 50 countries across the globe. He added that India and Sweden can further their relationship in innovation, technology, investment, startups and research.

The Prime Minister also said, Smart cities, water treatment, waste management, circular economy, smart grids, e-mobility, digital transformation and several other sectors have potential where  the two countries  can deepen the  partnership.