How to raise an intelligent child, just follow these Tips

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lucknow.  Raising a wise kid is all about developing his potential, making him what he or she wants to.
The brain does not grow automatically with age. It comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more.
A kid’s brain growth is dynamic. It does not stand still. It is either improving or degenerating. When a child’s abilities and talents are being used, brain growth progresses

One can follow these tips to help a child maximize his or her intellectual potential;

· Research shows that readable children, when very young, are more likely to develop a lifelong interest in reading, do well in school and succeed in adult life.

· Praise your kid’s effort, not his inborn intelligence. Kids who are praised for their intelligence tend to do easy tasks and avoid challenges that might endanger his self-image of being smart. Make lifelong leaning your entire family’s commitment, not just a school requirement.

· Parental involvement is an important factor for a kid’s success in the school.

· Ideally, fathers should be actively involved in raising kids. Some kids with no contact with fathers, however, also do well intellectually and emotionally because mothers and caregivers make up for the fathers’ absence.

Self-discipline and willpower are more important than IQ at predicting who will be successful in life. Also, intelligence is not everything. More important, intelligence without morals and empathy could lead to a disastrous future.