World Head Injury Awareness Program organised by K.G.M.U. today

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Lucknow. Its a matter of fact that Department of Neurosurgery, KGMU has been the fore runner in the management of Head injury in Uttar Pradesh since its inception. It always stand first in providing affordable and quality care to head injury patients in UP. 

Nearly 5000 head injury patients were attended in 2018 out of which 1500 patients were successfully operated which is the highest figure among all tge Neurosurgical emergency centre in the country.

To spread awareness among masses, the Neurosurgery department organised World Head Injury Awareness Day on 20th March, 2019 where students from 50 schools participated in Inter school Art and Quiz Competition. Students were educated about head injury, its prevention and impact on families and society. 

The theme of Art Competition was ” My Helmet My Life” and that of Quiz Competition was ” Head Injury Prevention”.Video sessions were also presented.

Inaugration of the Awareness Program was done by Prof. Dr. M.L.B. Bhatt( Vice-Chancellor, KGMU ), Prof. Dr. Vinita Das( Dean ), Prof. Dr. S.N. Sankhwar (CMS), Prof. Dr. B.K.Ojha ( Head, Department of Neurosurgery) and Prof. Dr. Anil Chandra, Senior Faculty, Department of Neurosurgery, KGMU.