Thousands protest in support of sacked Sri Lankan PM, crisis continues

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Thousands of Sri Lankan people on Tuesday took to the streets of Colombo to protest against the sacking of Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister, demanding early convening of Parliament.
The protesters, carrying placards and shouting slogans, blocked the roads near Mr. Wickremsinghe’s official residence, where several of his party MPs addressed the gathering. 
Mr. Wickremsinghe said people did not vote for President Sirisena to act in this manner and that they will resist what the president has done. He has demanded that parliament meet so that he can prove his majority.
Meanwhile, speaker Karu Jayasuriya requested the President to convene parliament on Friday to resolve the on-going crisis precipitated by his sudden decision of replacing Ranil  Wickremesinghe and appointing Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime minister. 
Earlier, the speaker had written to the President asking him to convene parliament as early as possible based on a petition submitted to him by over 125 MPs.