Follow Vaastu tips, negate Vaastu dosha and lead a serene life

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Lucknow, Parag K. (Editor).  As we witness more flat culture over an independent one, one thing which is a matter of concern is the space. The occupants of a flat or an apartment are always in the lookout for ways and means to bring in positive energy.  Vastu Shastra, the science of construction, is the traditional Indian system of design based directional alignments. I would like to suggest some vastu tips which if followed in the process of buying a house, or doing modifications in an already existing house, it can certainly bring in prosperity, peace and contented life.

Follow these Vastu Tips-

1. Perform Havan ceremony inside the house at the time of grih pravesh as the smoke coming out during pooja helps purify the air in and around the house.

2. Put on rather hang on a Ganesha idol or picture on the main door or at the entrance of the house.

3. Having a name plate at the main entrance of the house brings good luck and prosperity.

4. Try to discard old useless items or waste materials as soon as possible to generate positivity in the house.

5. There should never be any broken mirrors or window panes inside the house. It is said to create obstructions and cause negative impact.

Well, if we follow these small but valuable tips in our house we can initiate auspiciousness which can bring positive vibes in and around our home.

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