H1-B visas hopes dimmer, rich families eye ‘ investor visas ‘

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Lucknow, Parag K. ( Editor). Families, especially whose children are studying in the US, are increasingly making enquiries about the easiest possible way of reaching USA and possibly with lesser hurdles. As H1-B visas are getting difficult to come by for entry level jobs, investors visas or EB-5 visas have shot into the limelight.

What is an EB-5 visa? It is commonly known as an investor visa. Those opting for it must invest $ 1m (around Rs. 6.5crore) in new commercial projects or half a million ( around Rs. 3.25crore) for Operations in specified rural areas or regions with higher unemployment known as targeted employment areas the objective being to create at least 10 permanent full time jobs for US workers.

According to the sources, immigration experts and firms that specialise in immigration linked investments have been eyeing a sudden spate of enquiries in Jan this year. It’s a widely known fact that families with means to enter the programme increasingly see EB-5 as a way to cut as many as 10 years off the waiting time to get a green card and also as a way to allow their children to work freely in US without the need for a corporate sponsor.

China is the foremost country in the queue for obtaining EB-5 investor visas followed by Vietnam, South Korea and finally India where challenges in securing H1-B visas have triggered a significant demand for EB-5.