Newsi7 Special: Want window seat on Air India flight, then pay a bit extra

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Parag Kumar.

Those were the days when one had to pay a little more to sit in the front but this facility is obsolete now. Air India has now become the latest airline to introduce seat selection fee for both domestic and international flights. Earlier the official airline used to charge a bit more for the front row seats but it applies to all seats presently. According to sources, the airline issued a circular for travel agents, detailing the fees applicable on various routes. For middle seats on domestic flights, the fee is relatively less, starting at Rs.100/- and Rs. 200/- for the window and aisle seats. On international flights out of India, the fee is Rs.200/- on most routes. But for the emergency exit row seats, the fee starts at Rs. 240/- and can be as high as Rs.1500/- .

On flights from international destinations into India, the seat fees depend on the currency of origin. The middle seat selection fee was first introduced in India in year 2016 by Jet Airways, Indigo, GoAir and Spice jet. It is referred to as the family fee since family members wish to sit next to each other and then they will be charged more fee.
It is now officially assured that the fee does not apply to all rows, so passengers can book well in advance to get the seats of their choice without paying extra fee.