Intelligent planning for super senior citizens with low risks and high gains

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Parag Kumar

A super senior citizen, above 80 years of age, should look investment not just as a corpus fund that would provide a monthly income but they should go further for low risks investments that could give them handsome results.As it’s their hard earned money not to be misused and wasted anyhow.They should manage their money for the legacy they want to leave behind just not for themselves.So try to invest in equities of blue chip companies for fruitful results.They should never compromise on quality when it’s related to money.Don’t get lured by the offers provided by the companies that come from time to time. Gain stocks and funds knowledge to invest the corpus money and learn the basics. They also shouldn’t expect the government to protect their interest as it’s their duty to protect their hard earned money.

Super seniors shouldn’t manage money with desperation at the back of mind like one should take the option of reverse mortgage as the last one because the bank that lends the money against the asset will make more money than that person who earns a monthly income off it. So the equation can lead you in distress.Always look for better options available in the market. They should focus on their health and happiness as their primary responsibility,try to avoid being dependent on others and follow strict diet regime with a bit exercises especially walking and move with friends and of course family members.
Finally, they shouldn’t worry too much as it’s a silent killer. One should learn to be content with what one has done in life and live graciously. Enjoy spending on themselves and cherish hobbies and new experiences.
Ultimate advice to them is that if their money is growing at a rate that beats inflation then they are better off and that should be taken care of.